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Ambika Realcon Group is first generation entrepreneurs who took the leap into Real Estate Development after accumulating decades of experience as Real Estate Professionals. Ambika in Vedic Sanskrit means Deity & A Mother, and a Mother is known to nurture and work towards growth of all those that come within her fold. We intend to enrich lives of all our Customers by giving them meaningful and consistent growth. Each AMBIKA HOME will have amenities that address basic needs, features that pander to luxurious wants at affordable prices that embody our philosophy of nurturing its inhabitants towards a wholesome and fulfilling lifestyle.

New Chandigarh

New Chandigarh It is bounded by Chandigarh and Mohali, Spread over an area of approx 15,000 acres, it is also near Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. its adjoining the Shivaliks falls, New Chandigarh will become a township that is in harmony with its environment and nature. Due to its prime location, offering world class facilities in the fields of Health, Research and Education. GMADA appointed Jurong Consultants Private Ltd. Singapore to complete a comprehensive integrated master plan for the New Chandigarh. Being in vicinity of Chandigarh and proposed with a world class infrastructure, in the Punjab Regional.

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